About us

The feather is symbol of dream, transformation, purity and inspiration.

The feather symbol of Masseria Faraona, has been chosen above all as token of gratitude for the territory in which Masseria Faraona is set and in which come up its Apulian grape varieties. Its birthplace is the Alta Murgia National Park, area with an ancient history, where you can find traces of human existence dating back to the seventh and sixth centuries BC. The harshness of this landscape has limited human settlements in favor of permanence and development of native plants and animals.

Among them the Faraona stands out for his fighting character and aggregating habit: once a wild bird, today it is still bred in the Alta Murgia territory. From this bird Masseria Faraona, dating back to the nineteenth century, gets its name.

Our dream of defending and promoting the grape varieties of Puglia, taking care of the vineyards that rise at the foot of Castel del Monte, has been achieved through the transformation of that farm in a beautiful wine cellar where the placid red, white and rosé wines settle. These wines are produced in compliance with the agricultural vocation of the Alta Murgia territory, our only source of inspiration and undisputed guardian of the secret that makes this land so fascinating, charming and mysterious.